Changes and Things

Things are changing again. Life is changing again. The Spirit is changing ME again!

Of course i was looking forward to internship. But I was expecting that this would take place in Stratford, or perhaps Elmira, or possibly even here in Kitchener. The lazy part of me was really not thinking about the need to pack and move just yet. But I should have known! The Spirit usually knocks me upside the head just as I get settled and lazy.

But my placement came as a huge surprise! After the summer I spent at Sauble Falls, I expressed the wish that I might some day be blessed by a call to one of several parishes at the south end of the Bruce Peninsula. But the possibility of doing my internship there was not even a blip on the horizon.

I am to be placed in Wiarton (more or less), with Brad Mittleholz. A seven-point parish with only one Lutheran congregation and six Anglican congregations! I have some serious work to do this summer – not just packing up this great packrat’s collection to put it all in storage, but also to learn Anglican liturgy and comportment!

And the “more or less” part is even more interesting! Brad suggests that he’d rather place me up in Lion’s Head to establish a pastoral presence there and to make it easier to get up to Tobermory for more of the same!

I’ve had the vet in to prep Theodore with every vaccination under the sun and I’ve made plans to leave this apartment as soon as possible.

And then, to make matters more interesting, my on-call status at St. Mary’s has just been broadened a little. – But that is also the sad part of the story. The reason i am needed to do day-time back-up is that one of the “real” chaplains has tendered her resignation following the shocking discovery that her cancer has metastasized. I cannot really “enjoy” my new position, for it feels very wrong just now. The news about my colleague’s health has made me so sad that it feels as if i were wrapped in wet tissue paper, my movements slowed and stiff.

Changes — some good, some not so good. Another knock upside the noggin from the Spirit that ensures that life is never, ever dull.