Uproar in the Lion’s Den

Let’s first allow that my grade five teacher was right and that I *am* the “Keeper of the Lions”

And that my space is a den – a very messy, untidy, disorganized den!

I am domestically challenged. There is simply no more polite way to put it. My head works best in arts mode and rarely in practical mode. This explains why I forget to put things where they belong, why I cannot have friends visit my messy abode, why I have burned the bottom out of pots, spoiled more meals than I can possibly afford, and flooded my apartment kitchen to the a depth that more than covered my toes (causing problems with the living and dining room carpet as well). 

Now I am really stuck! I have to move in five weeks and I cannot get organized enough to even begin packing! 

I have to divide the apartment into rooms: Living room Week One;  Bed and Bath Week Two; Kitchen Week Three; Study Week Four — YOu can do it! yes you can!!


And now: a Sermon to put into power point, mixed with Living room tidying: good start, yes?