When we need a break (a prayer for pastors )

Martha Spong

Dear God,
We need a break.
We need a break from
Losses that shake us,
Committees that say no
To our vision
Or to our selves,
Struggles with no solutions
(Churches, bodies, church bodies),
Wedding couples seeing
Churches as Venues
And clergy as Vendors,
Sixty hour weeks,
Though we accept the blame for that last one –
Most of the time.

Even so,
We need a break.
How long, O Lord?
How long?

But you are faithful
In your love for us,
So we count on
Something, anything,
Good happening
Even as we count down
The hours until vacation,
Or a congregational vote,
Or the birth of that longed-for baby.

We look for the break you offer
In the kind words of an elder,
And the warm hug of the home-for-summer student,
And the not-quite-right joke a proud 5-year-old tells at coffee,
And the just right story from the just-returned…

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Push? or Pull?

There comes a point, the still point of the circle

Where one hears the answer in the silence

Who is in charge? Is it me? Or is it you?

Am I pushing, or are you pulling?

The wheels have fallen off

I’ve stopped pushing

And there you are NOW

The call to collar beckons

Across a stage once more 

Devoid of other actors

“Come hither and hear”