There is no *I*

“Why an MDiv,” asked the young man who was taking me home today after I surrendered my car.
“Because I realized that the message I had to share with The Church was stronger than the one I had to share with academia.
“How did you know?’ he asked.
Silence. – How does one explain the absolutely overwhelming feeling that there is something that one MUST say or do? A drive that comes from within and without?
“Have you ever been in love?”
The 22-yr-old stared at me and said, “no.”
“Being in love is like being caught in a tsunami,” I said. “Every emotion in the world catches you up and carries you along, and there is nothing that matters but that wave.”
“But what is the message?” he asked.
“There is no “I”, I said, “There is only we.”
“But what does that have to do with Christianity?” he asked.
“You should love one another., ” I said. “And the key is in the ‘one another.’ That lies at the heart of Jesus’ teaching, and at the heart of every religion. When it comes right down to it, there can be no ‘I’ without an ‘us'”
And so, after saying yesterday “I. Give. Up.” I realize that *I* can’t because there is no *me,* there is only an *us*
Wherever two or more … … … There is no *I*