Hungry to the banquet came I

Starving with desire

My soul’s net skimmed out

Captured the light and drew it in

Hungry to the banquet came I

But a tiny spot.

Wriggled and burst out

And searched for my first rich meal

Hungry to the banquet came I

Thirsty for fulfillment

I nibbled my way through

Each green offering of wisdom

Hungry to the banquet came I

Eating ‘til my skin burst

To make room for more

And then ate refreshed and renewed

Hungry to the banquet came I

Until at the last

My old wounds burst and revealed

A chrysalis of emerald

Hungry to the banquet came I

And now I can rest

Until once again

My skin be riven to reveal

A spirit refreshed

Clinical Pastoral Education isn’t just for Chaplains

Jesus reaches out“This is mine. You can’t have it.
This is me. I like who I am.
THIS is who goes to the bedside.
I am the best tool I can bring.”

The Chaplain's Report

Back in seminary I had the opportunity to do CPE at a local hospital in New Haven. It was a great facility and a prime opportunity – the slots fill up fast. But I didn’t take it because I planned on doing more traditional church ministry, not chaplaincy. While some of my classmates jumped at the opportunity to get CPE, others, like myself, said “why bother if I’m not going to need it?” Looking back I can see that I missed out on a great opportunity.

So do you need Clinical Pastoral Education if you’re planning on traditional ministry? Is it really only for hospital chaplains or navel gazers? Absolutely not. 

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