A Strange Lenten Discipline

I stopped singingĀ five months ago.
It wasn’t deliberate – I just could not sing.

I stopped singing at the same time as I stopped laughing.
Whether I sang or laughed – I ended up in tears

So I stopped.
There were already enough tears in my day

For the next 40 days, instead of giving up something,
I am going to take up something.
I am going to find something that will make me laugh out loud once a day and I am going to find something to sing once a day
Wouldn’t it be lovely to put joy back into a world that has become so joyless?
And so I begin with a poster of sorts compiled two years ago using images that were captured six or seven years ago
The Joy of the One-Man Band

Opening Night

I can hardly believe it!
My first ever photo exhibition opens tonight! It will be up for the entire season of Lent and Holy Week.
“Stone Cold Journey: A Canadian Stations of the Cross” is a figurative interpretation of the scriptural “Stations of the Cross,” using the Gospel of John.
I did allow myself to stray into Mark for one image because his vision of the death of Christ is so much more powerful

For now: Just one photo. This one does not appear in the exhibition itself. It’s the image I chose for the poster that will be sent out to the synod, seminary and other churches later this week.

Like the 14, “Mourning” is a winter image, for Lent is a winter journey in so many waysImage